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Armed Forces Logistics Organisation

Official Homepage of the LOAC-ICMM

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Welcome at the Homepage of the Course on International Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) under the auspices of the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM)


The aims of the ICMM are

  • to maintain and strengthen the bonds of professional collaboration between members of the Armed Forces Medical Services of all Countries;
  • to periodically organize International Congresses on Military Medicine;
  • to organize international study sessions, on a wide or restricted scale, on subjects of interest to military medicine, in particular international advanced courses for young officers of the Armed Forces Medical Services;
  • to encourage, within its means and the operational framework, respect for and application of international humanitarian law, in particular by organizing or supporting courses on international humanitarian law applicable to armed conflicts, intended for members of the Armed Forces Medical Services;
  • to permanently update documentation of interest to the Armed Forces Medical Services and circulate said documentation by publishing an international review, the "International Review of the Armed Forces Medical Services";
  • to periodically award prizes for major books, articles or reports describing work of an innovatory nature in military medicine or in the medico-legal field, in particular the «Jules Voncken» prize;
  • to maintain permanent contacts with the different Armed Forces Medical Services throughout the world, through the official representatives of such services;
  • to provide liaison with various international bodies concerned with the fate and protection of the wounded and sick of the Armed Forces;
  • to promote the spread of medical doctrines applicable to medical care in case of large numbers of wounded and sick, in both the military and civil population, and support cooperation between the different national health services, with due respect on national sovereignty;
  • to offer its help in order to contribute to liaison and coordination during the humanitarian intervention of Armed Forces in large scale disasters;
  • to actively promote Peace by the free exchange of medical knowledge, international medical cooperation, thereby enhancing greater mutual understanding, tolerance and coexistence.
(Article 2 of the ICMM statutes)


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