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Armed Forces Logistics Organisation

Liquidation of military equipment

Symbolbild zur Humanitären Hilfe: Ein ausrangierter Armeelaster

Equipment that is no longer used in today's armed forces should not uselessly collect dust, but serve its purpose where it is needed. Apart from the sale of decommissioned systems and equipment of the Swiss Armed Forces, a considerable amount is donated free of charge to humanitarian aid. Almost four and a half tons of equipment - from saucepans and beds to trucks - have delighted thousands of people in umpteen countries since 2004.

Certain systems have become superfluous with the current armed forces' assignments and stockpiling methods are being adjusted to the present circumstances.

While during the Cold War period umpteen security reserves were stored on numerous wooden shelves and in the halls of the former arsenals and army vehicle pools, we are focused on 'just in time' management today: Replacements are ordered shortly before the last spare parts are used

New systems are purchased in the quantities needed and in small amounts. As part of the local concentration of stationary logistics equipment has to be reduced and locations closed. From 2004 to 2010, about a million square metres of stockpiling surface area has to be eliminated and equipment procured for ten billion Swiss francs has to be liquidated.

This liquidation process uses various channels: It is either sold to traders or private collectors, destroyed and whenever possible used for regaining raw materials or the military equipment, some of which is as good as new, is used to satisfy requests for humanitarian aid abroad.


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